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Western Budworm

Courtesy of Colorado State Forest Service (CSU)

The Western budworm is damaging our trees and more homeowners are inquiring about how to control this pest. The suggested approach is to let the bud worms chew away on new growth for a few years and see if natural predators or weather will diminish their attack. If they start to attack the old growth of the tree then steps need to be taken to spray. The time window to do so is very tight and will need to be well coordinated with the spray service. The time to sparay is in the early spring. For more information see The Budworms Are Back (CSFS)

The individual homeowners/landowners are responsibile for maintaining their property/home, whether it is for noxious weeds, beetle infestation, fire mitigation/defensible space or the budworm. The HOA is responsible for common ground/community property and covers the cost of maintaing this property. The HOA does not provide funding for any of these projects on individual properties.