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Noxious Weeds in the Gunnison County

"Noxious weeds are moving into our valued ecosystems and displacing native plants at an alarming rate. When the native plants that wildlife use for food, shelter, or nesting are gone, wildlife leave the area. Noxious weeds have an advantage in their new environment because the insects, diseases, and animals that would normally control them are not found here. As good stewards of our land, be it a 75 by 105-ft lot in town or an 87,000 acre ranch, we all must work to keep our lands free of noxious weeds (Colorado Weed Management Association)."

For more information refer to:

Musk Thistle Spotted Knappweed Russian Knappweed Diffuse Knappweed
Common Burdock Canada Thistle Oxeye Daisy Scentless Chamomile
Black Henbane Field Bindweed Perennial Pepperweed Wild Caraway
Yellow Toadflax Common Mullein Absinth Wormwood Hoary Cress
Houndstongue Cheatgrass