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It shall be the policy of the Blue Mesa Recreation Association, in accordance with Section IX of the By-Laws of the Association, to hold Annual Meetings on the first Saturday of July each year. A proxy form shall be included with the Notice of Annual Meeting with a request that non-attendees complete and return the proxy by a deadline of June 15th.

It shall be the policy of the Association not to admit non-members to the meetings. Guests shall remain outside of the meeting room until the meeting is adjourned.

It shall be the policy of the Association to require a quiet and orderly setting for the meeting, and people who wish to visit during the meeting shall be asked to leave the meeting room to do so.

It shall be the policy of the Association that the Secretary or another board member appoint two volunteers who shall be responsible for all voting procedures including but not limited to handouts, collections, and ballot counting. Volunteers shall not be related to any officer, board member, or nominee for elected office, and may be selected prior to the meeting.

Annual Meetings shall include and be limited to the following:

Call to order.

Proof of Notice..

Establish a quorum..

Approve minutes of the previous yearís Annual Meeting...

Introduce officers, directors, new members, and guests, if any...

Presidentís report and/or Committee reports. (Highlights of the previous yearís business.)..

Approve the preliminary Treasurerís Report and remind that the budget was included with the Notice of Annual Meeting...

Adopt IRS Resolution for Revenue Ruling 70-604...

Old Business...

New Business or any other matters that may come before the Board...

Elect directors and officers...

Any announcements that might be required by the Board of Directors. (Examples: educational material, remembrance of deceased members since the last meeting, thanks to volunteers, reminders about speed limits, trespassing, or any rules and regulations as may be required.)..


In witness hereof, the undersigned has executed this Annual Meetings Policy the 16th day of July, 2011.


Original signed by Bud Fuller