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It shall be the policy of the Blue Mesa Recreation Association to obtain bids/reviews for expenditures exceeding $1,000.00 to one vendor in a fiscal year in the Operating Budget and bids for Capital projects and/or special projects according to the following schedule:

$1.00 - $1,000 No bid required, but the committee/person in charge of that line item or project shall attain the best value for the Association.

$1,000 - $2,500 Two written bids, Board approval

$2,500 - $15,000 Two or more written bids, Board approval

$15,000 & up Twosealed bids, Board approval

The procedure to be followed in the bid process is as follows:

Bid requests shall be prepared by the Committee in charge of the expenditure. All bid requests shall outline the scope of the work to be performed, the materials list, completion date, possible penalty for late completion, due date of the bid, and a request for copies of current insurance coverage and/or bonding.

Sealed bids shall be in a sealed envelope labeled with the name of the project, due date of the bid which will be a scheduled Board meeting date, date bid received, and initials of receiving party. The bids shall be mailed to Blue Mesa Recreation Association, 2391 Blue Mesa Drive, Powderhorn, CO 81243, or hand-delivered to any officer or director or hand-delivered to the Board Meeting.

The Board of Directors shall have the discretion of accepting a bid higher than the low bid if justified. Justification must be written by the Committee requesting the bid and kept on file with the accepted bid, open for members’ inspection for twelve (12) months after the work is completed. If only one bid meets all specifications, the Board shall have the discretion of accepting that bid or going out for bids again. If the required number of bids is not received, the Board shall have the discretion of considering the bid(s) received or going out for bids again. If no bids are received, the Board shall have the discretion of tabling the project or going out for bids again.

Bids shall be retained for one year past the completion of the project and shall be open for members’ inspection.

In the event of a situation determined to be an emergency by simple majority of the Board or an act of God, the bid process may be omitted upon a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors. (See Policy & Procedure – Emergency Expenditures.)

Conflicts of Interest: See Policy & Procedure – b, II Conflicts of Interest.

Operating Expenses: These are day-to-day expenses estimated by the Finance Committee for the Budget approved by the Board of Directors, who shall have the discretion to decide whether or not to solicit bids on any line item. Expenditures that exceed $1,000.00 in a fiscal year to any one vendor shall be reviewed by the Committee in charge of that expenditure at least every three (3) years, at which time the Committee will make a report of their findings to the Board. If the Board chooses to solicit bids for an Operating Expense line item, the above schedule shall apply. The Board of Directors shall also approve line item transfers in the event the approved budgeted amounts fall short of the amount needed in that expense category.

In witness hereof, the undersigned has executed this Bids Policy the 20th day of October, 2007.