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Effective January 1, 2013


The following Policy and Procedure has been adopted by the Board of Directors (ďBoardĒ) of Blue Mesa

Recreation Association (ďAssociationĒ) pursuant to Colorado statutes, for the Maintenance and Retention of Association Records.† Prior to the Boardís adoption of this Policy, it has been submitted to the Policies & Procedures Committee for review in accordance with the Associationís Policy for the Adoption of Policies and Rules.


1.†††††††† The Following Shall be Maintained as the Official Records of the Association (ďAssociation RecordsĒ):


(a)††††††† Records specifically defined in the Associationís Covenants or Bylaws;


(b)††††††† Detailed records of receipts and expenditures affecting the operation and administration of the Association;


(c)††††††† Minutes of all meetings of its owners and Board, a record of all actions taken by the owners or Board without a meeting, and a record of all actions taken by any committee of the Board;


(d)††††††† Written deliberations and the votes cast by Board members that are:† (i) directly related to an action taken by the Board without a meeting pursuant to the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act; or (ii) directly related to an action taken by the Board without a meeting pursuant to the Associationís bylaws;


(e)††††††† A list of the names of all owners and the physical mailing addresses at which the Association communicates with them, showing the number of votes each owner is entitled to vote;


(f) ††††††† The Associationís current covenants, bylaws, articles of incorporation, rules and regulations, responsible governance policies and other policies adopted by the Board;


(g) †††††† Financial statements for the past 3 years and tax returns of the Association for the past 7 years;


(h) †††††† A list of the names, and physical mailing addresses of the current Board members and officers;


(i)†††††††† The most recent annual report (if any) delivered to the Secretary of State;


(j)†††††††† Financial records sufficiently detailed to enable the Association to provide an owner with a written statement stating the amount of unpaid assessments currently levied against the owners unit;


(k) †††††† The Associationís most current reserve study (if any);


(l)†††††††† Current written contracts to which the Association is a party;


(m) ††††† Records of Board or committee actions to approve or deny any requests for design or architectural approval from owners;


(n)††††††† Ballots, proxies and other records related to voting by owners for 1 year after the election, action or vote;

(o)††††††† Resolutions adopted by the Board relating to the characteristics, qualifications limitations, and obligations of members or any class or category of members; and


(p)††††††† All written communications sent to all owners within the past three (3) years.



2.†††††††† Effective Date.† The Board has exercised due diligence to locate the above Records, but recognizes that, as of January 1, 2013, certain of the Association Records may not exist.† From and after this effective date, these Records shall be kept in the possession of the Associationís Secretary/Treasurer or in the Associationís files located at 2391 Blue Mesa Drive, Powderhorn, Colorado 81243.


3.†††††††† Retention of Records.† Except as otherwise required above as to the retention of any specific record, the Associationís Records shall be destroyed after ten (10) years from the date shown on the record.† For example, an invoice dated January 1, 2013 will be destroyed on January 1, 2023.† Where there is more than one date, the latest date shown on the record shall be the date used for this purpose.† This destruction shall be automatic and no notice shall be given to owners.† This destruction shall apply to both paper and electronic Records.


SECRETARYíS CERTIFICATION:† The undersigned, being the Secretary of Blue Mesa Recreation Association, certifies that the foregoing Policy and Procedure was adopted by the Executive Board of the Association at a duly convened meeting, open to the members to attend, on August 17, 2013






By:† Original signed by Nancy Bowlin

†††††† Secretary