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Colorado State Forest Service Resources

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires
Actions landowners can take to make their properties more defensible from the threat of wildfire.

Firewise Construction
Information on appropriate materials and fire-resistant building designs to address home ignition risk.

Community Wildfire Protection PLans
A written and agreed upon document that identities how a community will reduce its wildfire risk. CWPPs address wildfire response capability, protection of homes and other structures, and identify areas where fuels reduction is needed to reduce wildfire threats to communities and critical infrastructure.

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
A tool available to help exchange information about fire-adapted communities, enhance networking and dialogue, and increase the sharing of learning and innovations related to community wildfire resilience.

Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal
A web-mapping tool that provides access to statewide wildfire risk assessment information in Colorado.

Natural Resources Grants & Assistance Database
A comprehensive list of natural resource grants and assistance programs that promote the health and welfare of Colorado's natural resources. This includes grant opportunities and programs for Colorado residents to implement fuels mitigation and education efforts with the goal of reducing their wildfire risk. The database is free to use.

Colorado State Forest Service
The CSFS website is a great resource for information about Colorado's forests. You can also find your local district forester's contact information at

District & Field Offices
Local district forester's contact information.

Douglas-fir Beetle Quick Guide
Information on the Douglas fir beetle.

Western Spruce Budworm Quick Guide
The Colorado State Forest Service guide on the Western Spruce Budworm